New Experience

Carefree Safety

Enviroment-friendly Materials, Health Safeguard

Free of harmful gas, Meet the E0 Standard.

The material is free from radioactivity nontoxic and harmless.


Precise mosaic grain, slip resistance

Divert water away from the grooves in the surface to keep the floor dry and anti-slip.


Flexible Materials, Impact buffered

Impact coefficient test

The same two rubber balls, roll along the track from the same height, and respectively hit the wallboards of system bathroom and tiles of traditional bathroom ; the longer the distance it rebounds mean the stronger bounce, and the higher degree of harm to the human body.


Insulation protection, Electricity-proof

SMC, an excellent insulation material, can effectively block direct human contact with the circuit.

Laminated glass, Explosion-proof

Special laminated glass with high transmittance, can resist heat and impact, and have no dregs and burst when it is unexpectedly broken.

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