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Choices Of Patterns



Some collection use original imported spools, passed the French ACS, Germany DVGW, US NSF, UK WRAS certification

Long life: 800,000 times opening and closing times (GB 500,000)
Tiles of high hardness: ultra-smooth ceramic sealing sheet of high hardness ( natural alumina, hardness only second to diamond )
Good sealing performance: near vacuum
Nice feel: smooth switch and precise positioning
Durable: All spool 10-year warranty


The industry's highest level --- Switzerland NEOPERL

Sophisticated technology, effectively prevent clogging
Saving water more than 35%
Water outlet gently to prevent the anti-splash

Main Part

Lead-free copper, reach the United States high standards of NSF certification,
The more than 3mm thickness of the tap, rugged and reliable, can withstand the burst test of 36 kg pressure (GB 25 kg).
Bright and clean surface, coating thickness of 10um or more.
Rust-proof performance, pass 200 hours salt spray test, reach the level 10th standard

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